Tom Delonge Stratocaster Black

This is a 2003 TD Strat created in South america. 21 method large frets. Browse natural shade. One amount handle and the Seymour Duncan Enemy collection. Chain thourgh system and HardTail link. ’70s headstock. Classic the tuners. Rosewood guitar fretboard, mahogany throat and a pearloid pickguard.

Sound: I perform mostly all types of songs. All types of punk stone mostly (alternative/posthardcore/indie). And this instrument could not get better. If you’re looking for a big fat audio, this is it. I extremely recomend for you to perform it with Ernie Basketball Extremely Slinkys, due to the point that the throat is really extensive. Excellent distortions, but a unpleasant fresh beacuse of the collection. This instrument is the designer of reviews, it gives you way too much reviews and that can really be a discomfort sometimes.

Action, Fit & Finish: The instrument did not contain any faults. It’s ideal for all type of stone. Mostly all types of punk stone. But like I said, too much reviews. I’ve decreased it, it has decreased, I’ve hit the throat with my space entrance 1,000 periods, and it doesn’t have a the begining. I really like it.

Reliability & Durability: I’ve had this instrument for two decades now, and it looks product new, I’ve used it two good decades through reveals, methods, jobs, jellies, you name it. The components will last a while. The surf natural shade is removal at the end because of having it on the silicone take a position too much. But that’s it.

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