Tom Delonge Stratocaster Blue

The Tom DeLonge Strat is amazing. Convenience is key, it has one handle (volume) and one amazing Seymour Duncan Enemy humbucker. Made in South america (Squire edition in Chinese suppliers which is the only difference). Alder system, Seventies style rosewood throat with 22 frets. Seafoam natural complete gives it a exclusive look. Stratocaster system. I Got this for $182 (what a coincidence) with 8 money delivery and a free set Kases III gig bag (retails for 98 bucks). Non securing the tuners and a non tremelo delone link keeps it compact and in track.

This instrument is amazing for indianapolis, punk stone, emo, or any type of stone. It matches my songs flavor like a handwear cover since my preferred group is Flicker 182. Im using a little Fender Frontman 15G amp installed to a Digitech GNX-3 Work station. The audio is what victories it over for me, a distinct yet heated one of a type audio.

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