Craigslist Fender Tom Delonge

In Sept 2010 Fender presented the Mexican-made Dark Top Stratocaster HH. This twin-humbucker design sports a pair of hot classic alnico humbucking pickup trucks with firefox protects, a 9.5″-radius walnut throat with either rosewood or walnut fingerboard and 22 medium-jumbo frets. Other functions include a strong alder system with a shine cotton finish, black skirted amp management buttons and firefox elements. This instrument is also available with a Floyd Increased Unique securing tremolo since 2011.

In Goal 2011 Fender launched the Fender Resale Store Sequence equipment (made in Japan), which were produced with elements and the appearance of equipment that might be found in a common pawn shop in the Sixties or Seventies. Three designs were launched, two of which were Stratocaster based. The Fender ’51 functions a Strat system and a “C”-shaped Telecaster throat, with a single-coil Florida Unique throat collection, Fender Enforcer humbucking link collection, walnut guitar fretboard, a 1970s-style hard-tail link, and a black pick secure. The Fender ’72 has a semi-hollow Strat system with an f-hole, a Telecaster design throat, two humbucking pickup trucks, and dual-knob firefox management dish with master amount and collection combination.

Throughout the past few years Fender has released restricted run Stratocaster equipment under the design sub-classification of “FSR” or Manufacturer Unique Run. These equipment are often a instrument of one of the above designs with special functions such as restricted completes (special shades or “thin skin” lacquer), collection choices (configurations or collection type), elements choices (gold), or cut choices (plastics). Commonly these FSR equipment are designed in the South america industries, but some have been designed in the Corona, CA, USA factory.

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