Tom Delonge Fender Guitar


Are you an electric guitar player? Do you know the Tom Delonge Fender Guitar? It is a characteristic guitar, a lot of players collect it. If you want to collect it, too. GIVE US AN E-MAIL!!!

As the name suggests, this Tom Delonge Fender Guitar was co-crafted by Fender and Tom Delonge, to play his music. The guitar is a Stratocaster Miexican-fact, and although Tom used in video Enema of the State, I think they have only begun mass production in 2001. Just to clarify, this guitar is the same EXACT guitar Tom could use together. It has 21 frets and no whammy bar. There is no switch or button tone, just serve the old volume. This kind of sense since this guitar has a single pickup. I do not think it negatively affects his property. The pickup is a Seymour Duncan Invader, and it looks great. The clean tone is very rich.

The Tom Delonge Fender Guitar body is the non-plated alder, and the neck is rosewood. It is very comfortable to play, the handle is nice and smooth, and this guitar is a double cutaway. If anyone is wondering, the name Tom Delonge is registered with the metal plate behind the neck. It does not come with all accessories, but this depends largely on the dealer. I give this guitar 1 April on features, simply because there is only one pickup, not serve the old tone and no whammy bar, but for my style of play, all those things tend to get in the way. Most of my tone is anyway they entered Born amp.

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