Tom Delonge Stratocaster Guitar


Are you an electric guitar player? Do you know the Tom Delonge Stratocaster Guitar? It is a characteristic guitar, a lot of players collect it. If you want to collect it, too. GIVE US AN E-MAIL!!!

The Fender Stratocaster is a regular Tom Delonge Stratocaster Guitar body with a humbucker, one volume knob and a large doll 1970 There was a Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader white or black in the bridge position (depending on the color of the guitar). Initially, the Stratocaster was equipped with a tremolo system 2 Open points that was then replaced by a rigid bridge. His neck is made of solid maple with a rosewood handle, although there have been some first custom Stratocaster which were equipped with maple fretboards.

The Tom Delonge Stratocaster Guitar collar includes a large doll 1970 CBS. The Custom Shop models made for Tom DeLonge had himself Sperzel locking tuners, but the regular production model (Made in Mexico) had stock Kluson style tuners made by Ping. There was also a cheaper version of this Squier guitar. Instead of a pickup Seymour Duncan Invader, he presented a Con U Duncan detonator which is a cheaper version of the invader. The Squier Standard Version also presented a white pick-guard, as opposed to the pick guard is on the pearly version of Fender.

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