Guitarra Tom Delonge Stratocaster

The Highway-1 sequence, initially presented in 2002 and re-designed in 2006 (and stopped in Oct 2011), were made in the U.S. and incorporate a multiple of hardware; the chain plants are identical in style and quality to those on United states Series equipment, while the link components and the tuners are the same as the United states Unique Series. Both system and neck are the same on the Highway-1 and United states Unique Strats, except that our bodies complete on the Highway-1 Strats benefit from a slim satin-finish nitrocellulose in contrast to the dense memory covering used on both Conventional and United states sequence models. This covering provides a very classic look, as nitrocellulose was the regular lacquer complete for classic Strats. Road 1 Strats use warmer Alnico III collection polepieces just like those on United states Series instruments.The first style (3+ years) of Road 1 equipment looked like “pre-CBS”-era equipment with the traditional headstock style, small frets and classic colors. Beginning in 2006, the second style (upgraded) was remodeled to look like 1970s-era equipment with a large headstock, bigger frets, and CBS-era colors.

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