Homemade Tom Delonge Strat

Tom DeLonge’s customized store Gibson specification: Just one Gibson Unclean Handy humbucker, Sperzel Securing The tuners and only one Gibson amount handle with a 500k pot. He uses an Ernie Basketball band. 60mm Dunlop Tortex choices and Brite Cable .010 post. The throat is created from only one item of mahogany and a 20 worry rosewood fingerboard with a 1960 Sleek Blend Neck Information. To add a unique contact he has a rushing red stripe with the inner red stripe as extensive as the guitar fretboard.

This is the Darkish Gibson he always used during the self-titeld era of Flicker 182 and mainly kept in mind from the ‘Always’ movie. It has only one ply mild brown/yellow/white executed and a completed wooden headstock. It is the only Gibson edition you can currently buy.

This is the second edition of the Tom Delonge Trademark Gibson that he uses stay, our bodies and headstock is white-colored. It has only one ply dark executed and a dark amount option. He has performed most Angels and Radio reveals with this instrument.

He used this instrument for The Experience and some Flicker 182 protects. It is all dark except for the amount option which is yellow/brown. The executed is white-colored and he also use a white-colored humbucker band.

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