Mim Tom Delonge Strat

Definitely ideal. Flicker 182 is my preferred group and i perform a mix of punk rock and steel and this instrument matches my design PERFECTLY. Im operating it through a Vox Presenter Cabinate with a Fender M-80 go and it just appears to be excellent. The distortions is incredibly brittle and difficult which i really like. The purifies i discover provide a awesome shiny audio. This instrument is ideal for me.

I have been enjoying for many decades. I own an Epi SG-400, a Epi DOT facilities and a squire Deryk Whibley Telecaster and this is EASILY My preferred of all my instruments. If it were thieved i would be heartbroken and for sure try to monitor down another one. I really like the throat, the audio of the distortions and generally everything about it. It just gives me that excellent meltdown that most other instruments just don’t give. I could maybe ask for some overall tone management but the advantages WELL outway that reality. This is my Favorite instrument. I really like it. Pity it is stopped. Grateful i got my own when i did!

this guitar does an ace job! ive played all types of music from punk to metal and this gutiar smashes it! i run it through a mesa boogie dual rectifier and a marshall DSL 100 into 2 2x12mesa cabs and i get this amazing dirty rough yet crispy distortion and bright clean sounds! i like this guitar so much that when it went out of production i bought two more fender deluxe strats and converted them to delonges setup for live playing!

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