Tom Delonge Stratocaster Signature

I originally wanted a ZT3, but since those were backordered, I bought the SS-2F Custom. Eventually, I did get a ZT3 (Nov ’08). I was sorely disappointed with the ZT3. My SS-2F so completely blew away the ZT3 in sustain and tone. It wasn’t even a comparison, which I found sad since the ZT3 seemed to promise a lot of what my old GL-Pro used to have. Maybe it was must the ZT3 I got, and they haven’t ironed things out in manufacturing. I don’t know. But I do know that my amber SS-2F Custom is EXCELLENT!One complaint: The “set” screw, and perhaps all the screws, in the bridge are made of some kind of soft steel. The little “set” screw’s hex head stripped when I was tightening it up after the first minor adjustment to string heights. A guy on the Steinberger forum suggested I buy a set of hex wrenches, and use one that is slightly larger for that screw. I didn’t want to send the guitar back for fear that I’d get a replacement that wasn’t as awesome as the this one. So, I will probably try that guy’s suggestion.Bottom line: I can say with confidence that the SS-2F Custom that I bought (can’t speak for everyone that comes off the lot) is the single best playing instrument I have ever owned. And remember, I owned the vaunted (and much missed) Steinberger GL-Pro, a beautiful Strat, a luxurious LP, etc. This thing plays and feels better than all of them. But you also need to have an affinity for the body style, which I do. Once you get past that, and you can focus on sound, playability, and its resonance against your body, this is such a beauty.

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