Squier Tom Delonge Stratocaster

it does fit my PUNK design of songs. and all you retards quit bitching because you all realized who performed it and you all realized what kind of songs was performed with this instrument. so closed up fantastic like punk don’t buy a punk instrument. i use a regular strat for my other things and have the two fit my intrest well. and btw some slow down below me said they perform about university and some women…your an fool who never took enough a chance to pay attention to the new CD which is about stockholm problem (if you don’t know what it is look it up idiots) and other serious issues except for there first individual sensation this which is painful. im not a excellent fan of flicker but this suits punk and anyone usesing it as something else is ridiculous. tom now uses a gibson for all of those who said "buy a gibson its better" your so ridiculous i don’t even like the group and i know things round it.

look let me set it directly to all those morrons who put bad opinions, if you desired to perform jazz songs on your instrument you should have purchased an epiphone, and did that twat who said he set flame to it even perform it in the store, its got an awesome wealthy audio even through my low quality 15 w fender amp, and it is banging loud what do you anticipate. I like everything about it seeing as i don’t use any other collection than the link one on any instrument so it guidelines. excellent for almost anything maybe apart from jazz songs. but only old men perform jazz songs so there!

I got it off auction web sites product new never performed, and he was’nt relaxing, when I got it was unchanged. I got it one 7 days later when I was on my way to exercise with my group it came in so I converted around and got it. My group liked the instrument aswell. No assurance, but the owner was excellent.

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