Tom Delonge Stratocaster Squier

I purchased this device to substitute my crummy Tele, and i was stunned with this things overall tone. the device is mild, resilient, balenced, and little enough to take on as ‘carry on’ freight.Yes, this device is created in The philipines and has minimal aesthetic faults such as complete being used to intensely, or to gently. I perform my natural Synapse through a fender Frontman 25, Peavy 15w and sometimes even my bass sounds amp, and have never had issues. The the tuners are somewhat challenging to use, as i sometimes shift 2 the tuners instead of one, BUT, when you get it in track, the dual basketball adjusting program keeps it in track for the whole gig.

The SS-2F Customized Clear Ruby is an amazing device. The dual humbuckers audio great. The guitar fretboard is phenomonal and the overall device excellent is fantastic. The only disadvantage on this device is the band expansion that comes off the back of the device and operates similar to the throat near the Twelfth Worry. While it allows to stability the device perfectly, it’s not in a great place for me. Enjoying 9th notes, or machines on the reduced post under that band expansion is unpleasant. Also, you cannot put band hair on it. Overall, it’s a fantastic axe for the money but that band adaptor has to go! I’m looking for something to substitute that band adaptor.

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