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Comprar Fender Tom Delonge

The Classic Hot-Rod Sequence (made in Corona, Florida (USA)) function genuine Nineteen fifties and beginning Sixties styles combined with some hot-rod variations, such as slimmer fretboards and bigger frets to increase the playability of neck and contemporary collection trucks.

The Street Used series (made in Mexico) has a Sixties Stratocaster (with rosewood guitar fretboard and C-Shape neck) and a Nineteen fifties Stratocaster (with walnut guitar fretboard and Soft-V neck), Tex-Mex collection trucks, Alder body, nitrocellulose lacquer, and 6105 frets. These instruments are purposely outdated to generate the “road worn” look of an existing Stratocaster. This year the Roadworn Gamer series was presented, and it contains two Stratocaster designs wearing 3 Florida Unique single-coils or 2 Florida Unique single-coils (neck/middle) and a Seymour Duncan Beautiful Gateways humbucking collection (bridge).