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Stagg Tom Delonge

i desired a instrument different than anything out there. I GOT IT!!! I changed the enemy collection (brash sounding) and set up a seymour duncan customized custom (smooth levels,expanded mid,sweet highs) Then I included a overall tone contol!!! Our bodies is a mex-strat bodyunder the pickgaurd so it was no prob.(even a minor chambered sound).I LOVETHISGUITAR! performs like a strat appears to be like a gibson.

my design is difficult rock- kiss/sabbath/etc. and i really like excellent musicians that can shred(yngwie, gilbert, rhoads etc.) i use this instrument with a marshall avt50 go and marshall 1951a 4 x 10 cupboard. appears to be excellent on the super speed route, the fresh is ok but neither the marshall or this collection is created for fresh choosing. i like it because it is all that i desired in the instrument.

2003 design i assume. they had just stopped them and i got a lovely cope on it. alder system, walnut throat w/rosewood guitar fretboard, 21 medium-jumbo frets, and a duncan enemy collection. also has hardtail link, classic fender the tuners, and one amount handle. i perform a ten not because i experience it has a lot of functions but because there is excellent in what it does have. also i dislike flicker and tom.