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Tom Delonge Stratocaster Daphne Blue

Ideal for pop punk rock. I’ve been enjoying instrument for 3 decades and before this instrument I’ve performed a 1989 Peavey Falcon (Strat copy) and I always desired a tom delonge. so, when it lastly came I got one and really like it! I haven’t performed my other instrument since. And I purchased the delonge about 2 several weeks ago I think. If this instrument was thieved I would definatly get another one. But I would try to get a graffiti yellow-colored delonge because they’re more unusual and I think they look better. I really like how easy this instrument is. Just connect in, convert up the amount and go. My preferred functions are it’s a hrdtail, so there’s not a large nasty rectangular shape on the returning of it!! and the enemy humbucker. and the look of it, cause what other instrument comes with a vintage 1950s color and a pearloid pickguard WITH a humbucker? Before I purchased the delonge, I desired to get a Epiphone Les John Customized (white and black) but hen I sen how much the delonges were going for and believed, if I didn’t like it I could offer it and probably get more than what I payed for it. But I type of still desired I would of got a les paul. But the factor the delonge has that the Les John doesn’t have is a slim system and I like Strat systems. If you perform pop punk rock, want a awesome looking instrument, and a instrument that appears to be awesome, get the delonge. There becoming more unusual and more complicated to discover so get one if you can!