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Tom Delonge Strat


My Fenders are made specifically for me, which means they’re probably worth nothing. I have a Fender Stratocaster made with a 70’s head stock on it.

Tom Delonge Strat is an American rock musician. He was the guitarist and singer in several popular groups, the most famous being Blink 182. Tom also did a side project with Travis Barker called Box Car Racer.

Tom Delonge Strat is known to use Fender Stratocaster. The Fender Stratocaster is an electric guitar. elegant, streamlined body shape of the Stratocaster differs from the flatbed design, slab as the Telecaster. It is one of the most popularly copied forms of electric guitar. Fender Guitars worked with DeLonge in late 1999 to create the Tom DeLonge Stratocaster  which consisted of a solid alder body with a single Seymour Duncan Invader Bridge micro. It was commissioned by a lone volume knob adding to its simple design. His neck was made of solid maple with a rosewood fingerboard. The collar includes a large doll 1970 “CBS”. The Fender Stratocaster signatures are still used by DeLonge to record songs from one of his bands.

This Tom Delonge Strat is perfect for alternative punk and pop. We bought Tom DeLonge Stratocaster professional drawings and meticulously studied the electric guitar, so we can enter all the details of the processing technique.