Tom Delonge Custom Shop Strat

After Fender’s choice in 1982 to change Squier’s development from post to instruments, the Stratocaster was one of the first designs put under the Squier development range in Asia. It was the most over the counter effective instrument Fender had created. Initially in 1982, the headstock had a “Fender” name published in huge program, followed by “Squier series” in small program. In 1983, this was later modified to the present Seventies huge headstock presenting “Squier” in bigger program, followed by “by Fender” in small program. Since then, there have been several modifications of headstock dimension and Squier images, generally depending on what sequence the instrument is.

In 2000, for the birthday of the Squier range of Stratocaster instruments, that seasons design was provided in a limited-edition natural complete.
In 2008 Squier launched its Traditional Feel sequence, a sequence of instruments and basses replicating classic Fender styles of the Nineteen fifties and 1960s—each approximately showing the components, forest, shade modifications, completes, body shapes, and tonal features of their specific era; Squier declares that they didn’t plan the sequence as absolutely era appropriate, but desired to provide the ‘vibe’ of an existing Fender design—the vintage-quality feel, look, and audio of their first sequence of instruments in 1982.

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