Tom Delonge Guitar Stratocaster

It’s a 2003 Graffiti Yellow-colored Tom DeLonge Strat. It was created in South america. Incredibly quick rosewood throat. Theres only one management on it and thats amount. It’s got one Seymour Duncan Enemy in the link place and it appears to be completly awesome. It came with a Fender Elegant Gig-Bag.

The delonge suits my songs design excellent because I do perform flicker things but I also perform a lot of quicker things as well. I have two amplifiers. I connect my shure wifi program into my Fender Frontman 25R and connect the 25R into my Fender cyber-champ. The overall tone is just awesome and I hardly get any reviews.

The set up on this instrument sneakers significant ass. The only issue I’ve had with the instrument is the collection comes reduce everyonce and a while but nothing really serious.

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