Tom Delonge Stratocaster Pickup

This was a mexican-made guitarand I don’t know what season it was made(why would you even care) 21 frets, rosewood throat, one Amazing Seymour Duncan Enemy Humbuckling collection for da punk rock you know things that. It came with a Elegant Fender Gig bag, it has an alder system and one knob: Amount. There is obviously no collection Change because theres only one collection, so it’s fairly possible for psychologically retarded individuals like me to management and perform.

Sound: The Duncan collection has a kinda fat complete audio specificly(typo) for distortions and pop/punk like blink-182’s songs (okay, that phrase did not create any sense). So basicly, it’s lovely ( in a punk rock rocking chairs opinion)!

You can toss this at the walls and it won’t braking mechanism (believe me, I stupidly tried it). I would on a gig without a back-up (Tom does it). And the band management buttons are very strong cause it approved my tests: first leap around while enjoying, then do that factor when you toss over you’re throat and let it(guitar) move around your system. then third keep the band and run around in groups with the instrument moving around(the new it did’nt perform so that’s how I used at the wall)

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