Tom Delonge Stratocaster Specs

I was forced to add my two pennies. I have a number of the less expensive Soul designs (bass and 6 chain guitar) which are plenty, but this is in another group. Fit and complete on my example are very excellent. It is ALWAYS in track, and for some purpose the post seem to last permanently. The EMG’s are, well,, EMG’s; genuine. Very silent and able of a extensive variety or volume/tones. I didn’t like the band expansion so I eliminated it and set up Schaler Straplocks. I just got returning from a trip in 2 several weeks in New Zealand and OZ and hardly ever even improved the the tuners. Strongly suggested (nice gig bag involved too)

The very first one of this run that they created was a dark 4080-12 that finished up with Geddy Lee [of Rush], and my own is probably the second or third that they created. The complete run was apparently much less than a number of of all three designs in the 15 or so decades that they created them. I experience fairly fortunate to have been able to discover my own, especially since it looks like it hadn’t been performed hardly at all. The fireglow complete on the device is one of the best I have ever seen, and aside from questionably-executed minimal variations, the factor was in tip-top form.

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