Vendo Fender Tom Delonge

I perform punk stone, my installation is a Tommy D. (Tom DeLonge) strat through a ProCo RAT-2 into a cage GFX-212T.This strat goes above and beyond, its gigantic Seymour Duncan Enemy provides bone-rattling distortions, although purifies on it can get very dirty, so on your amplifiers fresh route my recommendation would be to convert the levels to about three or four o-clock the mids to about six o-clock and the trebles to about anywhere for seven to ten o-clock. anyways, when you switch in distortions it is completely sleek, and meltdown on that strat is god-like. theres really no over-abundance of disturbance unless you put the distortions to about nine to ten o-clock. the audio i get from this strat is so meaty and complete. although as i said before the large collection does come at a price to your trebles. This strat is the best punk stone instrument i have ever performed, and it comes in amazing shades. the only factor i don’t like about it is when i hit the pickguard, since our bodies is semi-hollow it creates an anoying disturbance. but when the amp is on you cant really listen to it.

This instrument is the MUTTS NUTTS!!! The banging faggot who did the evaluation below me should be taken in the experience. Flicker 182 stone, tom is awesome, new discovered wonder azre fantastic and they outfit better than you you banging peice of shit!! GET A HOBBY!!!. if you ever come to Britain i will destroy you. PUNK RULES!! The audio is exactly what you have ever desired. purifies are excellent and excellent distrotion will rip you a new arsehole guarenteed.

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